Boys and Girls Clubs

The Young Entrepreneurs Academy (YEA!) is a groundbreaking and exciting after school program that transforms middle and high school students into real, confident entrepreneurs. Through the year-long program, students in grades 6-12 generate business ideas, conduct market research, write business plans, pitch to a panel of investors, and launch their very own companies.


From exciting local business guest lecturers to dynamic field trips to local companies, students learn how to develop and run a real enterprise in a fun, projects-based approach.


YEA! was developed in 2004 at the University of Rochester with support from the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation. Today, the Academy is a proud national partner of the United States Chamber of Commerce and Campaign for Free Enterprise.


The Young Entrepreneurs Academy is a life-changing program that positively impacts your students, business community, and general public. Bringing this powerful program to your Club is easy.


Together, we can create the next generation of innovators. For more information on launching YEA! at your Club see below, or please feel free to call 585-272-3535 or email


Why Clubs across the country are bringing the Young Entrepreneurs Academy to their community:


  • Teach students how to make their own jobs, and generate their own income.
  • Help students understand that they can achieve anything that they set their minds to!
  • Connect local business and community leaders with students to build real small businesses in your area while promoting the spirit of innovation.
  • Strengthen relationships with alumni and local business leaders.
  • Enhance reputation for innovation and generate positive publicity.
  • Promote innovation, entrepreneurship, and economic development among youth.
  • An immediate introduction and deployment of youth entrepreneurship training.


Six Simple Steps to Launch YEA!:


  • 1. Introduce the Academy to Club Leadership (Board & Executive Director)
  • 2. Introduce the Academy to your local Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors
  • 3. Complete the YEA! Program Adoption Agreement
  • 4. Receive YEA! Materials & Staff your Local Class
  • 5. Receive Comprehensive Training from YEA!
  • 6. Launch your Academy in November 2013 and electrify your community!