Redefining Entrepreneurship Education in America

The Young Entrepreneurs Academy (YEA!) is a groundbreaking and exciting program that transforms local middle and high school students into real, confident entrepreneurs. Students in grades 6-12 generate business ideas, conduct market research, write business plans, pitch to a panel of investors, and launch their very own companies.

Projects-Based Approach

From exciting local business guest lecturers to dynamic field trips to local companies, students learn how to develop and run a real enterprise in a fun, projects-based approach.

Big Impact

100% of YEA! students will graduate on time. 50% of YEA! students continue their businesses for more than one year. 56% of students are under-represented minorities.

Community Impact

YEA! strengthens your community. Students network and develop relationships with local business leaders, create jobs, and launch their own real, small businesses.

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YEA! Successes

The Young Entrepreneurs Academy has over 6,498 graduates who have successfully started their own businesses. Here are two of the Academy's CEOs:

Taylor Rosenthal

CEO, RecMed First Aid Kits

Not many 14-year-olds can claim to have a product that has already received its first patent. Taylor Rosenthal came up with the idea of creating vending machines that dispense pre-packaged first aid kits in the Young Entrepreneurs Academy.

“It’s a computerized vending machine that functions similarly to a Redbox machine but instead of it dispensing DVDs, it dispenses first aid supplies. So we put these at any high traffic places that kids could get hurt, so like amusement parks, all kinds of parks, recreational centers, conventions, football stadiums, baseball fields, everywhere,” Taylor said.

Just last year, Taylor was offered a $30 million buyout for his company. He turned it down! He’s holding out for a bigger offer. If he does sell, he plans to use the money for college, and to buy a Bentley—even though he’s 14 and doesn’t even have his learners permit!

Rachel Zietz

CEO, Gladiator Lacrosse

If you were a 13-year-old lacrosse player who didn’t like the equipment on the market, what would you do? Well, if you were Rachel Zietz, you would start your own company! That company, Gladiator Lacrosse, was launched through the Young Entrepreneurs Academy, and has now surpassed $1 Million in sales.

Rachel was involved through every step of product development—from product conception to selection of materials, packaging and actual manufacturing, her attention to detail led Gladiator Lacrosse to be the top seller on both Amazon and eBay.

She recently signed lacrosse superstar, Casey Powell, as the brand ambassador, and pitched Gladiator Lacrosse to the Sharks on ABCs Shark Tank, getting a tweet from Robert Herjavec himself, “Rachel will have a seat next to me in the tank one day, she’s a shark in the making!”

Launch YEA! In Your Community

The Young Entrepreneurs Academy teaches students how to take charge of their futures in a bold and powerful way. The Academy is offered in three standard models, and can be customized to suit each community we serve. Find out more about launching YEA! in your community below.

YEA! Signature Model

The signature YEA! model is the after school enrichment program, hosted on a university or college campus. In this model the class meets one day per week, for three hours, typically from 4pm-7pm, keeping in mind this class is for middle and high school students in grades 6-12. Students attend YEA! from November to May and the class does not meet during school vacation and holiday breaks.

The campus sets the tone, and prestige for the class. Students sit-up a little straighter in their seats knowing they are on a college campus. Legendary entrepreneurs serve as the instructors, guest speakers, field trip hosts and business mentors.

YEA! In-School Elective

YEA! can also be offered as an in-school, credit-bearing, elective course, customized to fit into block or non-block scheduling. The in-school credit-bearing elective provides the school district the opportunity to offer a new, exciting, high-impact course with a national college scholarship competition component built-in, with the curriculum, lesson plans, teacher tools and course management tools fully developed. YEA! provides teacher training and on-going weekly support, included in all of our models.

YEA! After School Program

In the after school and in-school model, the school district may elect to partner with the local Chamber of Commerce to recruit business leaders and entrepreneurs as guest speakers and mentors for the Academy. In the after school and in-school models, the Chamber of Commerce may cover program costs, including student books, field trip transportation, etc., and work to raise sponsorship dollars to off-set those costs. Both Academy models offer the school district the opportunity to assume as much “ownership” as makes sense. From the role of Communication Champion, communicating information during the student recruitment phase and highlighting student successes throughout the academic year, to electing the Program Licensee role.

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