YEA! in the News

Year Month Day News Article
20111128YEA takes ZipQuest, Laurinburg Exchange, November 28, 2011
20111128Young Entrepreneurs Academy Launch, Kittery New, November 28, 2011
20111119Gorsek Named as Instructor for Young Entrepreneurs Academy, The Medina Post, November 19, 2011
20111111The First YEA! Site in Georgia!, WRDW-TV Augusta, November 11, 2011
2011915Laurinburg Chamber Gives Teens a Chance to Excel,, September 15, 2011
201171YEA! Education, Our Family Magazine, July/August 2011
2011711Olivia Hillery-Brighton, Rochester Home Page, July 11, 2011
201176Program Shows Teens the Business World? Ropes, Democrat and Chronicle, July 6, 2011
2011527Young Entrepreneurs Graduate from Annual Academy, Lake Zurich Patch, May 27, 2011
2011527Schroeder Seniors Share Peace with Each Jewelry Piece, Webster Post, May 27, 2011
2011517Young Entrepreneurs Learn about Media through Messenger Post Managing Editor Allison Cooper, The Messenger Post, May 17, 2011
2011514Elishia Tinnaj Ortiz, Democrat and Chronicle, May 14, 2011
201157Students Turn Bright Ideas into Businesses, Democrat and Chronicle, May 7, 2011
201161Young Entrepreneurs Academy, Chamber Executive, Summer 2011
2011331Young Entrepreneurs Pitch Ideas in Bloomfield, Messenger Post, March 31, 2011
2011227Class Helps Young Entrepreneurs, Democrat and Chronicle, February 27, 2011
201121YEA! Young Entrepreneurs Academy, Dundee Scots, February 2011
2010125Real-World Education, Leader Herald, December 5, 2010
20101011Entrepreneurs Learn Different Aspects of Corning Museum of Glass, Finger Lakes Times, October 11, 2010
201099Mohonasen Leaders Welcome Young Entrepreneurs Academy into Classrooms, Mohonasen Central School District, September 9, 2010
2010716th-12th Graders with REAL Business, Our Family Magazine, July/August 2010
201061YEA! Trade Show, Rochester Woman Magazine, June 2010
201051Interview with an Entrepreneur, The Next Step Magazine, May/June 2010
201051Clyde-Savannah YEA! Students Win Scholarships, Clyde-Savannah CSD, May 2010
201055Clyde YEA! Students Win Scholarships, Finger Lakes Times, May 5, 2010
201054Getting Down to Business in Greece, Democrat and Chronicle, May 4, 2010
2010328As Part of YEA! Program, Local Teens Present Ideas to Investors, Finger Lakes Times, March 28, 2010
2009111Young Entrepreneurs, SaltPort Press, November/December 2009
200971Students Starting their Own Businesses and Winning Scholarships, Our Family Magazine, July/August 2009
2009618Geneseo Teen Launches Diet, Fitness Program for Kids, NBC, June 18, 2009
2009611The Greece High School Tycoon, MPN Now, June 11, 2009
201169Gates Chili Student Finds Marketable Solution to Purse Problem, Democrat and Chronicle, June 9, 2011
200966From Primetime to Big-Time?, MPN Now, June 6, 2009
200961The Artist is an Entrepreneur, Messenger Post, Summer 2009
2009528It? Not Child? Play, MPN Now, May 28, 2009
2009514A Celebration of Young Creativity, MPN Now, May 14, 2009
200958Pittsford Student Creates Board Game, MPN Now, May 8, 2009
2009428Lake Zurich Teen Creates Safe Motorized Skateboard, Lake Zurich Daily Herald, April 28, 2009
2008111World View, Success, November 2008
2008101Molding the Minds of Tomorrow? CEOs, GV Parent, October 2008
2008915Tom Wahl to Teach at UR Academy, R News, September 15, 2008
2008912Tom Wahl Jr. Named Instructor for Young Entrepreneurs Academy, Democrat and Chronicle, September 12, 2008
2008829Fan and Entrepreneur Paints his Bright Future, Fast Start, August 29, 2008
2008721Starting Young, Democrat and Chronicle, July 21, 2008
2008724Getting Down to Business with Young Entrepreneurs, MPN Now, July 24, 2008
2008723Young Entrepreneurs Get Donation, Brighton-Pittsford Post, July 23, 2008
2008618Our Towns, Democrat and Chronicle, June 18, 2008
200861In Business for Themselves, Livingston News, Summer 2008
2008528Students Start their Own Businesses, Brighton-Pittsford Post, May 28, 2008
2008514Young Entrepreneurs Hold Trade Show Thursday, R News, May 14, 2008
2008426Program Targets Young Entrepreneurs, R News, April 26, 2008
200848Webster Teens Start Healthy Eating, Cooking Business, Democrat and Chronicle, April 8, 2008
200842Young Entrepreneurs Academy, Rochester City Newspaper, April 2, 2008
2008116Students Offer Business Plans, Democrat and Chronicle, January 16, 2008
2008115Students to Pitch Business Plans at UR Program, Democrat and Chronicle, January 15, 2008
2008114YEA! Kicks Off 2008 Program, R News, January 14, 2008
2008114Teens Sell their Business Ideas, R News, January 14, 2008
20071217SPOTLIGHT Young Entrepreneurs, Messenger Post, December 17, 2007
2007124Students Learn about Business Ventures, Democrat and Chronicle, December 4, 2007
2007124Young Entrepreneurs Receive DBAs, R News, December 4, 2007
2007123Budding Entrepreneurs to File DBAs, Rochester Business Journal, December 3, 2007
2007920New School for Future Entrepreneurs, R News, September 20, 2007
2007914High School Entrepreneur was Born to Manage, Fast Start, September 14, 2007
2007722Scholarship Recipient, Westside News, July 22, 2007
2007716UR Program Targets Youthful Entrepreneurs, Democrat and Chronicle, July 16, 2007
200761Is 12 or 17 Too Young to be CEO? Nope, Democrat and Chronicle, Summer 2007
200768The Latest Lemonade Stands, Rochester Business Journal, June 8, 2007
2007517Entrepreneurs Get Down to Business, R News, May 17, 2007
2007516Trade Show Focuses on Entrepreneurs, R News, May 16, 2007
200751Nurturing Innovative Spirit in Youth is Important for Future, Democrat and Chronicle, Spring 2007
2007117Young Entrepreneurs Shine, R News, January 17, 2007
200712Young Entrepreneurs Looking Good, R News, January 2, 2007
2006125Teen Entrepreneurs Prove Profitable, R News, December 5, 2006
2006117Young Entrepreneurs Seek Investors, R News, January 17, 2006
201247Young Entrepreneurs Woo Investors, Daily Herald, April 7 2012.pdf
2012719Young Entrepreneurs Wanged,, Jly 19 2012.pdf
2012527Young Entrepreneurs Take a Direct Route to Summer Employment, s...12.pdf
2012611Young Entrepreneurs Show Their Business Savvy, Democrat and Chr...12.pdf
2012419Young Entrepreneurs Seek Investors,, Apr...12.pdf
201226Young Entrepreneurs Program Thriving in Boca Raton, Free Enterp...12.pdf
201241Young Entrepreneurs Prepare to Pitch Business Ideas to Local In...12.pdf
201237Young Entrepreneurs Pick CEOs' Brains, South Florida Sun-Sentin...12.pdf
201251Young Entrepreneurs Groomed,, May 1 2012.pdf
2012111Young Entrepreneurs get lesson in business from Subway CEO, boc...12.pdf
2012526Young Entrepreneurs Fostered by Frisco ISD,, May 2...12.pdf
2012410Young Entrepreneurs Create Their Own Ventures,, Apri...12.pdf
2012522Young Entrepreneurs Academy Scholarship Winners Attend U.S. Bus...12.pdf
201251Young Entrepreneurs Academy, Our Family Magazine, May-June 2012.pdf
201221Young Entrepreneurs Academy, Our Family Magazine, February 2012.pdf
2011121Young Entrepreneurs Academy Launches in Elkhart,, Dece...11.pdf
201251Young Entrepreneurs Academy Grads- Where Are They Now, Center f...12.pdf
2012522Young Entrepreneurs Academy Available to D211 Students, D211 Po...12.pdf
201279Young Entrepreneurs Academy Accepting Applications for 2012-13 ...12.pdf
201218Young Entrepreneur from Blomfield Taking Next Step,,...12.pdf
2012530Young Boca Entrepreneur Nets College Scholarship, South Florida...12.pdf
201252York Chamber Give Teens Chance to Get Ahead in Business, Seacoa...12.pdf
201232YEA! Students Get Business Advice,, Marc...12.pdf
2012614YEA! Graduates First Class,, June 14 2012.pdf
2012120'YEA' Grabs National Attention, The Laurinburg Exchange, Januar...12.pdf
2012527YEA! Gets New Leader,, May 27 2012.pdf
2012712Where 'Shark Tank' Goes to Poach Young Entrepreneurs, youngentr...12.pdf
201228Webster's Young Entrepreneurs Visit Rochester and Obtain DBA's,...12.pdf
2012412Teen Wins Funding for Roch and Roll Hamster Ball Business, Trip...12.pdf
201244Students Polish Business Skills, Democrat and, Ap...12.pdf
2012111Students of Webster's Young Entrepreneur Academy Receive Lesson...12.pdf
201246Students Awarded Money for Businesses, LakeZurichPatch, April 6 2012.pdf
201247Students Awarded Money for Businesses, BarringtonPatch, April 7 2012.pdf
2012527Skye's Shopping Solutions is Now Open,, May 27 2012.pdf
201245Saving Shark Tank Frenzy, Arlington Heights, April 5-9 2012.pdf
2012716Program to Help Guide Teen-age Entrepreneurs,,...12.pdf
2012711Program Teaches Teens How to Become Entrepreneurs,,...12.pdf
2012323Preparing the Next Wave of Entrepreneurs, Free Enterprise, Marc...12.pdf
20121227Pocketing Positive Thoughts on Campus, South Florida Sun-Sentin...11.pdf
201251Pair of Webster Thomas Students is Ready to Pitch their Busines...12.pdf
2012722Our View-'Academy' a Good Start,, July 22 2012.pdf
2012725New Business Prgoran for Students in C-PP School District, wetm...12.pdf
2012711MVCC Announces Young Entrepreneurs Academy,, Ju...12.pdf
201267McDonnell Signs Bills, Talks to Entrepreneurs in Lynchburg, new...12.pdf
2012128Local Young Entrepreneurs to Receive YEA! Innovator Award on Fe...12.pdf
2012610Local Community Cheers YEA! For Entreprenuership, Local News On...12.pdf
2012611Launching Young Entrepreneurs in the Lynchburg Area,, ...12.pdf
2012530Lake Zurich Young Entrepreneurs Showcase Their Businesses, Lake...12.pdf
2012116Krasvage Receives BMO Harris Bank Honor, Lake Zurich, January 1...12.pdf
2012420Judges Give All 12 Boca Young Entrepreneurs See Money, SunSenti...12.pdf
2012425Judges Donate So All 12 Young Entrepreneurs Get Startup Money, ...12.pdf
2012416Johnstown Student Taking Plan to State Level,,...12.pdf
201249Investors Back Teenage Business Leaders, Triblocal Lake Zurich,...12.pdf
2012419High Schol Students Pitch Business Ideas to Investors, South Be...12.pdf
2012425Frisco Students Business Owners Make Pitches to Investors, WFAA...12.pdf
2012425First 'Young Entrepreneurs' Graduate from Chamber Program.pdf
2012120Diane Hennekey Imparts Business Sense to Kids, Democrat and Chr...12.pdf
2012720Corning Students Get Chance to Run Business Program's Successes...12.pdf
2012113Business Students Featured on WXXI's BizKid$, RIT News, January...12.pdf
201341YEA Anderson IN April 2013
201341YEA Beaverton OR April 2013
201341YEA Beaverton OR April 2013_1
201341YEA Canandaigua NY April 2013
201341YEA Canandaigua NY April 2013
201341YEA Canandaigua NY April 2013
201341YEA Foley AL April 2013
201341YEA Honeoye Falls NY April 2013
201341YEA Johnstown NY April 2013
201351YEA Laurinburg NC May 2013
201341YEA Lincoln Square IL April 2013
201351YEA Lincoln Square IL May 2013
201351YEA Lincoln Square IL May 2013-1
201351YEA Midcoast ME May 2013
201341YEA Naperville IL April 2013
201351YEA Naperville IL May 2013
201341YEA River Region LA April 2013
201341YEA River Region LA April 2013_1
201341YEA Rochester NY April 2013
201341YEA Rochester NY April 2013_1
201341YEA Rochester NY April 2013_2
201341YEA Torrington CT April 2013
201341YEA Tuscaloosa AL April 2013
201341YEA Upstate NY April 2013
201341YEA Utica NY April 2013
201361YEA Corning NY June 2013
201361YEA Clovis CA June 2013.pdf
201361YEA Lake Zurich IL June 2013.pdf
201361YEA Midcoast ME June 2013.pdf
201361YEA Rochester NY June 2013.pdf
201351YEA Boca Raton FL May 2013.pdf
201362YEA Livingston NY June 2013.pdf
201362YEA Nunda NY June 2013.pdf
201362YEA South Jordan UT June 2013.pdf
201362YEA Westfield NJ June 2013.pdf
201363YEA Homestead FL June 2013.pdf
201363YEA Naperville IL June 2013.pdf
201371YEA Greece NY July 2013.pdf
201371YEA Torrington CT July 2013.pdf
201371YEA Visalia CA July 2013.pdf
201371YEA Rhinebeck NY July 2013.pdf
201371YEA Utah Valley UT July 2013.pdf
201371YEA York ME July 2013.pdf
201387YEA Clovis CA July 2013.pdf
201385YEA South Jordan UT July 2013.pdf
2013813YEA Visalia CA August 2013.pdf
201388YEA Visalia CA July 2013_2.pdf
201381YEA Visalia CA July 2013.pdf
201384YEA Westfield NJ July 2013.pdf
2013812YEA Foley AL August 2013.pdf
201383YEA Foley AL July 2013.pdf
201386YEA Frisco TX July 2013.pdf
2013811YEA Geneseo NY August 2013.pdf
2013814YEA Lyndonville NY Aug 2013.pdf
2013810YEA Midland MI August 2013.pdf
201382YEA Mount Prospect IL July 2013.pdf
201389YEA Pensacola FL August 2013.pdf